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The Green Village has been advocating for sustainable development in Mauritius, especially in Le Morne village and its surroundings since 2018. We provide a space for eco-friendly activities with a special focus on permaculture, community projects and creative collaborations.

Our eco-village welcomes environmentally friendly, solidarity, arts and culture activities, such as Nou Le Morne and those hosted by the Four Aces collective. We are motivated by an unrelenting drive to engineer change through raising public awareness of current issues involving society and ecology in order to ensure a healthier future for the younger generations.
In our quest for inclusive and collaborative development, we take care to involve local communities among our agents of change.
What started as a local project that quickly grew to encompass the surrounding community. Together with our allies and partners, The Green Village engages and mobilises activists and leaders from all backgrounds and walks of life. Get in touch to learn more about our mission and collaborate with us today.

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