A home for

creative expression

The Green Village serves as a public space that is a home for arts and culture in Mauritius. We endeavour to inspire, nurture and empower the local arts community through a year-round programme of public events such as concerts, festivals, exhibitions, screenings, residencies and other happenings.

It is hugely important for us to support Mauritian arts and cultural players. Our key purpose is to catalyse and develop collaborations with local and international artists to contribute to the community’s cultural and economic vitality through providing a versatile, high-quality facility for arts, events and culture.
The Green Village features a permanent exhibition of works by talented artists from the Muholi Art Institute, a space where the previously disadvantaged gain training and support to enable them to participate in the arts world.
We also present an exhibition of selected photographs from Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s Earth from Above. Through this project, the French photographer wants to raise awareness of the planet’s beauty and connect people to issues our planet faces.
We are dedicated to bringing this community together to engage in meaningful, eco-friendly events that will increase access to and enrich creative expression in a sustainable way.

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