Why Clay Therapy?

Clay is of earth element and retains the planet’s electro-magnetic energy. It is a purifier just like fire, water and air, even though it is dirt!

The clay experiences can be described as a reconnection with the forces of nature, a spiritual connection that permeates the soul, the physical body, the whole self. Working with clay means taking your time because the process can’t be rushed. With clay, we also don’t always get what we want despite the hours of love and labor. This philosophy applies to life too.

Our fingertips contain some of the densest areas of nerve endings on the human body, simply playing with clay and stimulating the pressure points in our hands can have immense therapeutic benefits. Clay also provides a natural way to connect with body and breath—the malleability and immediacy of the material naturally integrates the mind-body connection, something much needed in our often-hectic lives.

Our ability to make an impact — to transform something — is unmistakable while working with clay. Perhaps in that transformation, we are reshaping grief, guilt, memories. In changing parts of ourselves, we gain a sense of efficacy and of possibility. 

Mould Your Mind ... Play With Clay

Join us for our special session at The Green Village in their peaceful and natural setting. We invite you to come and discover new ways of gaining personal insight and developing new coping skills through the creative process of clay therapy. In this special session we will combine clay with biodegradable materials found in Nature. Hence participating in the sustainable revolution.

Fees: MUR 2000
Materials, tea break, pizza margarita + salad included 🥗 🍕

Note: No skills or expertise needed

For more details, please contact us on ☎️ 59059471

🏕 Do you wish to stay for the night?
Get in touch with Félanie from the green village 57997746